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Here at Carlson Family Chiropractic, we believe in the health and well-being of all of our clients.  We strive to maintain our knowledge to provide the best care, and we extend that research and information to you.  Whether in our office through visits and conversations, our online with the resources provided, our number one goal is to provide a complete and whole approach to healthy living.

Vaccinnations: Current Schedule and Your Choices

Vaccinnations:  Current Schedule and Your ChoicesVaccines were first created in 1796 for the smallpox virus and have exponentially grown in number since. A vaccination is administered in an effort to stimulate the body’s immune system to develop immunity to a known pathogen1. This process is typically done with an injection directly into the blood stream, therefore bypassing the first two lines of defense of our natural immune system. Without activating the first two lines of defense memory B-cells are not created and therefore this created immunity is temporary. Through research scientists have found an average length of time each vaccine is effective, thus creating booster shots or multiple doses of the same vaccine.

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Ear Infections: What's The Best Treatment?

Acute Otitis Media (ear infections) are the most common upper respiratory condition treated in pediatric offices today. Sadly, the majority of children will automatically be placed on an antibiotic despite growing evidence that suggests there is only a marginal benefit from this form of care.

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Are You Reaching Your God-Given Health Potential?

By Dr. Whitney R. Carlson, D.C.

Many people in modern society are not living at their full health potential. As our society becomes more sedentary, eating processed foods, and maintaining poor posture habits our health is dwindling day by day. According to the US Public Service, in 1900 there were 64 deaths per 100,000 due to cancer; yet, by 2000 there were 200.5 deaths per 100,000! There are five pillars to achieving your God-given health potential that all need to be maintained equally.

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Understanding Your Family's Immunity

 The immune system is in place to keep our bodies in harmony with our environment. When the body is expressing symptoms of being ‘sick’, it is actually naturally fighting for balance. There are two types of immune responses, Th1 and Th2. Th1 is a cell-mediated response and will last a lifetime, while Th2 is a humoral response and has a limited lifespan.

The Webster Technique: What is it and how can it help you?

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and adjustment with the goal of reducing the effects of sacral subluxation and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. In doing so, neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is facilitated. In this clinical and theoretical framework, it is proposed that sacral misalignment may cause the tightening or torsion of specific pelvis muscles and ligaments. It is these tense muscles and ligaments and their aberrant effect on the uterus which may prevent the baby from comfortably assuming the best possible position for birth. Many people refer to this as the “turning technique” for breech pregnancies. This is a common misconception. Although many times the baby may move into the optimal position for birth following this adjustment, the goal remains to create balance in the pelvis of the mother to decrease the risk of dystocia during birth.

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Epidurals: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

According to The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, approximately 80% of vaginal deliveries involve epidural anesthesia. This high percentage has made epidural anesthesia the most popular method of pain relief during labor today. Epidurals are very effective at eliminating the pain of labor and can help many women get through an exhausting or extremely long labor by allowing the mother to rest.

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Cheering for Chiropractic

Cheerleading has been named the most dangerous female sport in the United States by the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury (NCCSI). Research has found that two-thirds of severe school sports injuries over the past 25 years were from cheerleading. Many people do not think of cheerleading as a “real sport”, yet the highly demanding acrobatic moves, jumps, tumbles and splits create very serious jolts to their bodies.

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