Top 10 Ways To Take Care of Yourself This Year

Take care of yourself and your family!! Here are my top ten ways you can start today:

10. Drink Water Instead – Not only does our body need it, but it eliminates the extra calories helping you to stay fit and potentially lose weight.
9. Balanced Diet – Make sure you are eating healthy foods in every color of the rainbow and try to eliminate processed foods when ever possible.
8. Sleep – Good quality sleep is critical for your health and well-being. This is a time for your body to heal, renew and re-energize.
7. Relieve Stress – Find ways to decrease your stress by making lists or spreading out tasks. This also includes avoiding places or things that tend to increase your stress levels and to stop worrying about things that are out of your control.
6. Friends and Family – Surround yourself with people who help you to stretch your wings and soar. Rather than being threatened by your personal growth, they should support it.
5. Activity – Staying active helps your muscles and joints as well as your heart and lungs. Take time each week to do something active – take a walk or play a round of golf. If you eliminated 25% of your TV time, what changes are possible in your life?
4. Solo Time – Take time for you apart from others. This can be anything from reading a book or going on a walk to spending the day at the spa. Everyone is different, but we ALL need time for ourselves.
3. Play – You are working really hard between your job and your family, but rarely do you take time each week to play. Colorado provides a variety of ways to play – hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, camping and so many more – how will you play this week?
2. Do Something Nice for Someone Else – This is important for others as well as for yourself, because you never know when that little thing made a huge difference in that person’s world. This does not have to be huge to you; it can be a smile or a held door. Get creative and pay it forward!
1. Chiropractic Care – Have yourself and your children checked for subluxation by your local chiropractor! Have yourself and your children checked for subluxation by your local chiropractor! EVERYONE deserves to have their nervous system working at 100%!!

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