Understanding Your Families Immunity

The immune system is in place to keep our bodies in harmony with our environment. When the body is expressing symptoms of being ‘sick’, it is actually naturally fighting for balance. There are two types of immune responses, Th1 and Th2. Th1 is a cell-mediated response and will last a lifetime, while Th2 is a humoral response and has a limited lifespan.

Th1 – Natural Immunity

The third line of defense begins to develop in utero and continues to develop through the person’s lifetime as each foreign substance comes into contact with the body. The main component of the third line is the lymphocytes and their ability to determine ‘self’ verses ‘non-self’. This system allows for lifetime immunity due to the memory cells created in the third line of defense.

Th2 – Humoral Immunity

This response is temporary and over time the number of antibodies declines. This decline is different in every person; from one day to one year to ten years. Therefore, vaccinations require booster shots every few years to maintain the antibody response.

Your Family’s Immunity

As the body is exposed to any foreign substance a Th1 or Th2 response is produced. Once the response is produced to a specific substance the body will always respond the same way to that particular substance. In the immune system only Th1 or Th2 can be dominate at any given time. Therefore, to have a balanced immune system there needs to be a balance between Th1 and Th2 with a slight Th1 dominance. This will allow for lifetime immunity, the body’s ability to maintain balance with the environment and for the body to be able to recognize ‘self’ verses ‘non-self’ cells.

According to the CDC there are 25 vaccinations scheduled before the age of 1 year. This process is pushing our children into a Th2 response early in life rather than boosting the lifetime
immunity that can occur naturally. Ask your chiropractor today how YOU can help boost your child’s Th1 immunity response.


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