Affordable Care

Carlson Family Chiropractic believes in the value of wellness care for you and your family.   We encourage you to take the time to care for yourself and for the people most important to you.  In an effort to make your wellness lifestyle as easy and affordable as possible, we’ve contracted with Chiropractic Lifecare of America.

Chiropractic Lifecare of America (CLA) is a discount medical plan organization that allows you to have affordable chiropractic care when your health insurance does not have chiropractic benefits. Carlson Family Chiropractic has contracted with CLA in an effort to serve your chiropractic needs better. By selecting and using Carlson Family Chiropractic as a selected CLA provider, you and your family can receive almost all of your chiropractic care for a minimal payment resulting in considerable savings. CLA is not insurance.

    • Unlimited Visits
    • No Deductibles
    • Low Cost to Join
    • No Claim Forms
    • No Maximum Dollar Limits
    • No Pre-existing Condition Exclusions
    • No Enrollment Exams
    • No Age Limits For Subscribers
    • Family Discount Plan
    • As a Chiropractic Lifecare member you will save up to 50% on your chiropractic care by paying only:
      • 50% off Initial Exams, Consultations and Diagnostics combined
      • 50% off the cost of In-House X-rays
      • $40.00 Spinal Adjustments (maximum). This applies for any family member that is a dependent on your tax form.
  3. EASY ENROLLMENT OPTIONS – Choose the option that is easiest for you:
    • If you are in a Network Chiropractor’s office, and to start immediate care, complete the application and give it to your doctor to mail in. Make your check payable to Chiropractic Lifecare of America or include your credit card information on the application along with your signature.
    • If you have not yet chosen a chiropractor, complete the application and mail it to the address printed on the application.
    • You may follow the instructions for enrollment on the CLA website.
  4. ONE LOW COST, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! You and your immediate family are covered for only $49.95 Per Year!
    • No one is turned down!
    • There is No Maximum as to the number of times you may use your card during your membership year.
    • Money Back Guarantee! The entire cost of your membership will be refunded in full if you use your network card during your membership year and do not save at least the cost of your membership.
    • Member of Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO)

Using Your CLA Membership is Easy. The CLA card is accepted by any Network Provider within all 50 states. If you have any questions or need to find a provider, simply call CLA Customer Service at 800-775-7900, Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST. When you visit the Network Provider of your choice, show your identification card which lets the chiropractor know you are entitled to the special Chiropractic Lifecare of America savings. You may also search for a provider on their website at any time.

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